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Household (Beauty) Products

June 24, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Did you know many household products can be used as beauty products too? Talk about bang for your buck! Check out this cheat sheet I pulled together on some of the best swaps I found. I'm still completely shocked at some of these!!


Problem - Self tanner mistakes. I am the posterchild for this - and I've tried it all  - salt scrubs, lemon, and even nail polish remover to get rid of unsightly lines and streaks. Trust me when I say, none of them work.

Solution - Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. The household clean-it-all product can buff away self tanner marks too. Do you think it can make me a candlelit dinner too!? Amazed!

Problem - Shiny skin. And you're stuck without oil absorbing shetes at a party.

Solution - Disposable toilet seat liners. I know, it sounds gross - but it works!


Problem - Painted your nails and now you have to run out the door.

Solution - Cooking spray. It's a substitute for quick drying spray just like they have at the nail salons! And it will moisturize your nailbeds too.

Problem - Staticy clothes before an interview.

Solution - Dryer Sheets. And they can be used on your hair too!

Problem - Dry, damaged and fried hair. It's summer - so this is bound to happen.

Soultion - Avocado. If you make a batch of guacamole (personal fave) and happen to have a leftover avocado, save the money you'd be spending ona deep conditioner and make it yourself!


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