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Blue Print Cleanse

September 30, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

I did it - I tried a cleanse. After a couple weeks of feeling bad about myself and realizing I was increasingly eating sugar and drinking caffeine, I decided to jump start my health. I came upon the Blue Print Cleanse after reading about it on other blogs and seeing TV segments where it was recommended. The "we think, you drink" motto made it seem easy, right?

Well, I decided on the beginner's "Renovation Cleanse," because let's be honest, Blue Print Cleanse was correct in assuming my "vegetable intake comes in the form of: Ketchup – 'tomatoes' and French Fries – 'potatoes.'". The cleanse consisted of six juices, totaling around 1200 calories a day.  There were two green juices, a lemonade mix, beet juice, pineapple and mint and cashew milk as dessert. All bottles were labeled with numbers so it was easy to tell what to drink next.

The first day was the hardest, probably because I didn't know what to expect. The first juice, one of the green ones, had a bit of a sushi flavor at 7 in the morning. I decided to wait until I made it to work to start the next day, and that hour made a huge difference and it was much more tasty on day two. The beet juice wasn't bad and I'm not a beet person at all. For those hard-to-drink juices, the venti straws from Starbucks helped get it down much faster. My favorites, by far, were the spicy lemonade and pineapple mint juices. The cashew milk was a bit grainy, but it did fill me up and keep me full until the next morning.

Surprisingly, I was never hungry in the three days. And I didn't miss food at all. My sugar cravings stopped by the end of day two(uh, what?) and I was actually kind of happy to be doing a cleanse. Yes, you read it here. I was happy about doing a sort-of diet. My caffeine habit was kicked and I had lost five pounds over the three day time period. Sadly, the weight came back after I started eating solid food again, but the lesson stayed. Shocking my body with only fruits and vegetables gave me energy and provided a break to my over-sugared organs. I'll definitely do the Blue Print Cleanse again, and can’t wait for the pineapple juice!

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